Synapse Creatives

About Us

Welcome to Synapses Creative - your ultimate solution to all your web designing, graphic designing and complete branding needs for your products and services. For our introduction, we are a creative agency based in Cape Town, South Africa and we offer our clients web designing, graphic designing, web development, 3D animation, video marketing and e-commerce services prominently amongst a number of others.

At Synapses Creative we have a team of some brilliant people from around Cape Town who love to tackle business problems with their intelligence and creativity. Also we work with a number of talented freelancers from around the world to bring on board innovation and creativity that might not be available locally. So with us you can hop to bring your brands to life online in a very innovative and different way.

A typical project at our company will begin with detailed discussions with our clients so that they can specify their requirements and tell us what they need. Once this is done, we outline the objectives of the project at hand and get down to working on it with different ideas while keeping a very close eye on time and budget constraints. We value our client’s satisfaction as a priority and that is why we ensure high quality and strict standards on the finished product at hand.

We, at our core truly understand the meaning and worth of customer satisfaction. We are always looking to satisfy our customers to build our company’s image and credibility not only around Cape Town but in the international market as well. We have ideas of expanding our horizons and entering the international market with a bang. But before that we want to deliver locally and help small, medium and large setups in Cape Town build on their online image as perfectly as they’ve imagined, with our help!